The #Franciacorta festival: art, music and wine

Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by nautinut
Photo from Wikimedia commons is in public domain

Matteo sent me an article about the Franciacorta festival this weekend. I did a quick translation of the introduction portion of the article to share with our readers.

Here is my English translation of the introduction to the article in IlSole24Ore:

En route to the fourth edition of the Festival del Franciacorta in Cantina: The festival will be held this weekend on the 28th and 29th of September. For an entire weekend 55 wineries will offer events and activities aimed at the discovery of wine, and specifically of Franciacorta.

The festival is now in its fourth edition, and will follow the formula of a reception in the wine cellar along with several themed events. It has been conceived with the idea of delivering first hand the excitement of the production process of Franciacorta, allowing attendees to get to know the “caveau” (cellars) where the different types of Franciacorta are aged.

“Franciacorta and Flavors” is the central theme of the festival in 2013. The companies involved have organized tastings of the different types of Franciacorta that are produced in conjunction with the dishes and products that are typical of the area. Some examples of the types of events: “Franciacorta and Art”: art lovers will find events where the art of wine is related to the arts in general. “Franciacorta and music”: special attention will also be devoted to musical events. “Franciacorta and emotion”: those who love to experiment will find some original ideas through unusual tastings.

For those of you that read Italian, here is the link to the full article:

Ci sentiamo presto,


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