How #Moda influences our life


I’ve been traveling around the world for years, exhibiting and attending Trade Shows since the 1990’s. But I never tire of the Fashion trade shows. Each time I’m about to enter a Fashion trade show I feel the emotion.

I have found that the fashion designers are very creative and friendly. For many of them the shows are a great opportunity to meet with others and chat about Moda. When I am at the shows, I talk with the designers about how fashion is an essential part of our life, which impacts our decisions. Italians experience fashion as part of their lifestyle, not just as a simple business. Walking throughout the stands, you can easily recognize the Italians. They dress the way that they see life, while everyone else just wears a typical business outfit.

Oscar Bencivenga and Matteo Silvestri

This is definitely the case with my friend Oscar Bencivenga. His family has been designing and producing fashion for generations. He is one of the few designers that is able to design items that fit the latest Street Style, while maintaining high regard for elegance. When I talk with Oscar, it moves my style sense upscale. He’s humble and smart, yet very confident about the style he creates. He lives and breathes Moda every day.

I look through the lens that Oscar shows me when we chat and I see very clearly how fashion influences our life. I’m not saying that designers work solely for the glory or the passion: it’s about money too. But the "money thing" impacts the Affordable (or Fast) and Luxury fashions more heavily since they are more closely tied to the ultimate sale price.

Style Fashion (the way I see it) is more "real", not encumbered by the cost to produce it. Moda starts with the creative people that produce something beautiful, then simply calculate the price at the end of the creative process, rather than starting with a lower price point in order to lure consumers.


I may seem like a romantic when I say that I respect the designers, that their work influences our life. I have to confess that sometimes I accidentally stare at women that look fashionable, just for the pure pleasure of enjoying that beauty, color, and harmony of their look.

Actually, dressing fashionably is not an easy job, especially nowadays when affordable fashion stores propose an unlimited (and un-trendy) mix of clothing. If you don’t know how to combine the elements, you won’t look elegant, regardless of the price you might have paid.

Fortunately, dressing nice is easier than you might think: just follow Madeinitalymall Blog 😉 We’ll proudly feature the Oscar Bencivenga couture line very soon!

Enjoy your day with a little break of Italian Dolce Vita,

Matteo Silvestri

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