Italian #shoes: enjoy comfort with style


At the 2013 Trade Show in Las Vegas, I took a quick tour through the stands. It’s pretty exciting for an importer like myself who is looking to import quality fashions. If you like fashion and good quality, this particular show is the place where you can measure your skill within this Industry!

Although it’s certainly true that other countries are improving the quality of their products, it’s also true that Italians have never stopped focusing on quality and will simply not stand still and wait for the rest of the world to catch up to the Italian standard. The Italian approach is absolutely personified by the owner of Alex by Mercury, Mr. Giuseppe Mazzarella. A few years ago I discovered their shoes at the trade show and I was astonished by their skill, their technology, and the high quality of their manufacturing. Just look at these shoes!Alex by Mercury shoe

A lot is encompassed in a simple shoe. In particular women’s shoes are a mysterious combination of art and comfort, while also being a tool for walking. While the artistic aspects of shoes are typically copied from the Italians, achieving the same level of comfort and quality appears elusive for the other manufacturers. I learned from Mr. Mazzarella that their very particular shoe-making process had been attempted without success by some skilled Chinese manufacturers. Rather than continue to attempt to manufacture the shoes themselves, the Chinese manufacturers asked Mr. Mazzarella to produce them for their Luxury customers in China. Can you imagine Italians producing shoes for Chinese manufacturers?

It’s a fact! And.. it makes a lot of sense to me. Alex by Mercury is proudly bringing the Made in Italy label into China.

Mr. Giuseppe Mazzarella

Mr. Mazzarella is the President of Italy’s largest association Artigiani Italia SettoreModa that addresses the shoe sector, a member of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE). as well as being a member of the Italian Association of 100% Italian Manufacturers. This value is often underestimated by customers throughout the world who, lured by misleading marketing, believe they will save money buying the Not Made in Italy products. However, whenever you’re focused on saving money you’re likely sacrificing other values like comfort or health. Mr. Mazzarella also highlighted that they DO NOT buy processed leather since it’s one of the most important manufacturing steps and that their leather is processed without damaging chemicals, which are mostly replaced with natural leather treatments that are achieved by the use of herbs.

As a former marketer, I always check thoroughly what anyone claims. This time was no exception: I can personally attest to the quality of the shoes since I touched and smelled that leather myself. In fact, it is so soft that it seems incomprehensible that it could withstand heavy use. And yet it does, and for many years.

Good news: we are proudly working with this supplier to make their shoes available in the USA which means that our customers can look forward to walking in these stylish "pillows" for themselves and…I truly believe that they will also become, like me, passionate lovers of the products that are made in Italy.

Enjoy your day with a little break of Dolce Vita,

Matteo Silvestri

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