Italian #film: Sophia Loren returns to the screen

Photo of Sophia Loren from 1986 appearance in Los Angeles. Contributed to the public domain by Allan Warren
Photo of Sophia Loren from 1986 appearance in Los Angeles. Contributed to the public domain by Allan Warren

I am a big fan of Sophia Loren, so I read with interest an article that my friend sent me about the making of the movie "The human voice" ( La voce umana) by her son Edoardo Ponti.

Here is my English translation of the article in Italian from ilSole24ore: (note: the link response is variable. I guess this is a popular article!)

It’s been over 60 years since she made his film debut, but Sophia Loren "is still considered the most popular Italian actress." ("è ancora considerata la più famosa attrice italiana") according to the Daily Mail, which talked about Loren’s "comeback" to the spotlight for her first starring role in ten years.

The 78 year-old "siren" ("sirena") of the screen – so called by the British tabloid – is currently filming some scenes in Naples from a movie by her son, Edoardo Ponti, "The human voice" ( "La voce umana"). The Daily Mail abounds in praise and photos: the "legendary" actress appeared "chic" in her cream-colored suit and has been shown to have "the same electric stage presence" as always, drawing a crowd while walking hand in hand on the set with co-protagonist, Henry Loverso.

"Even if she acted in the cinema before her forty year old son was born, she seemed to pay close attention to his guidance and followed his direction," noted the tabloid, noting that during the breaks she stayed close to her son during the breaks on the set and chatted with him while strolling arm in arm through the stalls at the local market. The film is based on a play by Jean Cocteau from 1930; it is a monologue of a woman who, after having been left, telephones her lover who is about to marry another woman.

This is a role in which the actress immersed herself "with enthusiasm", after having spent three years away from the set; her most recent role was that of her own mother in the autobiographical film for Italian television "My house is full of mirrors" ("La mia casa è piena di specchi"). The last starring role was in 2004, when she filmed "Too much romance – it is time for stuffed peppers" ( "Peperoni ripieni e pesci in faccia") under the direction of Lina Wertmueller.

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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