Le Reginelle – continuing to please audiences with classical #Neapolitan songs

Photo courtesy of Le Reginelle
Photo courtesy of Le Reginelle

Awhile back we published an article about the young Italian musicians who sing classical Neapolitan songs known as Le Reginelle (the Princesses) at the time of their debut in the prestigious Blue Note club in Milan. That was one of our all-time most popular articles on the blog, so we noticed that this topic is of interest to our readers.

Here is a video of these wonderful performers that features them singing “O Sole mio:

The song O Sole Mio is a well known Neapolitan song that was written in 1898. The lyrics were were written by Giovanni Capurro and the melody was composed by Eduardo di Capua. There are other versions of “O Sole Mio” , but it is usually sung in the original Neapolitan language. “O sole mio” is the Neapolitan equivalent of standard Italian Il sole mio and translates fairly literally to “my sunshine”.

We thought our readers would be happy to know that Le Reginelle are going to be performing again later this summer!! The group will perform in Borgoratto Alessandrino on August 16th starting at 21h for a fantastic concert in the piazza!

See this link for more information (Italian): http://www.blueshow.it/Joomla_1/index.php?view=details&id=174%3Areginelle-della-canzone-napoletana-a-borgoratto-al&option=com_eventlist&Itemid=58

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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