YAP MAXXI 2013: exhibit just opened at MAXXI museum in #Rome

We recently received an announcement from the MAXXI (Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo) newsletter about the YAP program at the MAXXI museum in Rome to recognize young architects that is organized by MAXXI Architettura.

Here is the link in English: http://www.fondazionemaxxi.it/2013/02/05/yap-maxxi-2013/?lang=en

Here is an excerpt from the above-referenced MAXXI web page about this exhibit:

"YAP MAXXI is a programme for the promotion and support of young architecture organized by MAXXI Architettura in association with MoMA/MoMA PS1 of New York, Costructo of Santiago and, for the first time, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Each year the programme offers an emerging architectural studio the opportunity to design an installation capable of offering visitors a space for the museum’s summer events and a place with “shade, water and room to relax”.

An international jury has chosen the winning project for YAP MAXXI 2013, the third edition of the competition, from a shortlist of five finalists: the installation He by the Turinese studio bam! bottega di Architettura sostenibile, a large-scale but lightweight piece of architecture that will float in the air above the MAXXI piazza, providing shade and plays of water by day and light by night. The projects by all the finalists will be on show at the same time in the four museums involved."

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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