Confederations Cup: Italy fall prey to Brazil

Maracana stadium with Brazilian fans from Wikimedia commons contributed to public domain by Teo Lahmeyer

(Photo of the Brazilian fan base at the Maracana stadium from Wikimedia commons contributed by Teo Lahmeyer – note that photo not taken during Confederations cup)

As evidenced by the sea of yellow and green shown in this photo, there is a lot to be said for the home court advantage at the Maracana in Brazil, especially when the home team is hosting the tournament! It appears that Brazil definitely did have that extra edge for the game they played against Italy on Saturday the 22nd. Italy tied the game at 2:2 at one point and it looked like they might hold onto a tie or even pull off a win, but the Brazilian goal-scoring drive left Italy no room to pull that off.

Goals were scored by Italy as follows: Emanuele Giaccherini (51′) and Giorgio Chiellini (71′).

Here are some links to articles about the game:

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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