A Sorrento Sunset by One Day in Italy

A Sorrento Sunset

By One day in Italy

My first night in Sorrento I was exhausted. I had traveled early that morning from Rome, fled Sorrento after walking through streets of shops and – obviously standing out as a lone tourist – heard more cat-calls in five minutes than I think I’ve heard my entire life. Albeit I had a great afternoon at Herculaneum, but on the way back I got lost and was more than a bit freaked out when two guys started following me through my misguided train changes. Sorrento is clearly a resort town, which I’m not typically a fan of, and for me the jury was still out on whether or not this would be a day remembered primarily with positive or not-so-positive memories.

Then, in an effort to get away from the crowds in the main square, I took a side road down toward the water and saw this:


The Bay of Naples illuminated in all its beauty by the most glorious sunset. The clouds formed a pathway of light, illuminated from behind, leading from the place I was standing out toward the horizon. My spirit lifted as I gazed out at the incandescent sky, blues and purples and oranges and golds swirling together and reflecting onto the water. Vesuvius seemed to rise out of the Bay in the distance, a lonely peak beside the luminous highway, watching longingly as souls bid it “hello” on their way by.

Ok ok, perhaps that’s a bit much, but it *was* beautiful. The most breathtaking moments of my life have been in Italy (like the mountain path in Varenna), and this was certainly one of them.

A guy on a motorcycle pulled up behind me and got off his bike. His name was Joseph and he didn’t seem to speak any English but he offered to take a photo of me against the Sunset. My tramped-around-dusty-ruins-all-day self was not cute so you will not see the resulting photo here. 🙂

After Joseph sped off I stayed to gaze out at the sunset a while longer, then made my way – in a much better mood – back to the town square which now, instead of seeming to be infested by hoards of annoying tourists, seemed to be bustling with energy and activity.

Perspective, people. It’s all about perspective.

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