FAI Spring Days event draws big crowds in Italy

image FAI

(Image courtesy of FAI: Fondo Italiano Ambiente )

According to the organizers of the Giornata FAI di Primavera (Spring Day) they had a big success for the twenty-first edition of that event: 500,000 Italians got in line to visit the 700 open places throughout Italy.

One of the more interesting aspects of this event is the high level of volunteerism involved. The FAI posted a video (in Italian) from the President of the FAI Andrea Carandini to all of the volunteers. His message is that we are all volunteers and that what counts most are the legions of volunteers working together for a common purpose. Here is the link:

Here is my translation in English of some excerpts froman article published by the FAI after the event:

Giornata FAI di Primavera ( Spring Day) was successful in terms that only an event that involves such a large number of people interested in the natural and artistic heritage Italian could find success…and this despite the adverse weather conditions that affected the North of Italy.

It was a meeting between the FAI and the people and all Italians the opportunity to discover the "fans" Italy and of the many hidden riches. An extraordinary piazza made possible thanks to the fundamental support of over 7,000 volunteers and 21,000 members of the Apprendisti Ciceroni®. There were record number of visitors in Lombardy, where 90,000 people have visited the 130 outdoor venues. The most viewed site was the Deposito delle locomotive e Officine F.S. (Locomotive depot and railway workshops) in Milan with 10,000 visitors.

Ci sentiamo presto,


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