Rome marathon report


(Photo from Wikimedia commons by Jaakko Luttinen)

I just happened to catch the final leg of the "Maratona di Roma" marathon race this past weekend. It was really fun to watch the runners as they came around the bend to the Colosseum and then to the finish line. As the winner arrived for each group ( for the men’s and the women’s races) at the finish line, you could hear an excerpt from the famous aria “Nessun Dorma”, in particular the words “all’alba vincerò” ( at dawn I will prevail) rang out just as the runner broke through the tape. What a wonderful way to end a race! I loved it.

Here is a site with the race results: ( top right of the page you can set the language )

For the men, the first three finishes are listed as: Negari Getachew Terfa from Ethiopia, Gebru Girmay Birhanu of Ethiopia, and Chemlany Stephen from Kenya. For the women, the first three finishes are listed as Kirop Helena from Kenya, Selomie Kassa Getnet from Ethiopia and Haydar Sultan from Turkey.

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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